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“N.C. Zoo: Gorrillas” iPad app

We are excited to announce our latest app, created for the North Carolina Zoo!

The birth of two baby boy gorillas in August of 2012 at the North Carolina Zoo marked an historic event! To celebrate, a special edition app was created that features our very special troop of Western Lowland gorillas. Meet Nkosi, the silverback, and his growing family: Olympia, Apollo, Jamani, Bomassa, Acacia and her baby boy. Explore the fascinating lives of gorillas here at the N.C. Zoo and find out about our conservation efforts with gorillas in the wild. Inside the app you can learn about each member of the troop, play interactive games, watch videos of gorilla feedings and meet the keepers who take care of these gentle giants.

N.C. Zoo: Gorillas


Click to download free app from the App Store. It's free!

Click to download from the App Store. It’s free!